Modern fashion and vogue "made in Peru". Peru is alpacas`originating


Most of our products are produced with the finest fibres of Peruvian

alpaca-wool. We sell pretentiously knitted and woven apparel for men

and women.

The Posh Gear GmbH stands for fair business relations based on

partnership. This is valid in the same manner for commerce with

suppliers as well as for commerce with final customers. After each

business transaction each partner has to be satisfied - this is our

fundamental grasp. This is one of the reasons for our value proposition:

our products have an extraordinary price-stability.

No-where to be found underprices on our products. Being customer of

the Posh Gear GmbH you also make your contribution to this fair



Alpacas are animals of indian origin, which live in the highlands of Peru. There they get cultured since the Pre-Inca-Era. In total there live about 4 million alpacas in South-America from which the majority lives in the southern areas of Peru. Alpacas live in heights from 3.500 to 4.000 metres above mean sea level (MSL). There temperatures change from -20°C to up to +30°C within one single day. The reason for viability for alpacas is a special low-protein-diet on the basis of natural grasses and their special wool. The alpaca-wool is a soft and sustainable fibre featuring sensational thermal properties. The rationale are the microscopic small air-pockets within the fibre. These air-pockets enable the breathing on warm days but keep body warmth on cold days. Alpaca wool existis in more than 24 natural shades, which makes it very attractive for many top designers.
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